Once filming wrapped, the couple took their relationship to the real world. Nicole was introduced to Daniel by her close family in New York. 

“Between London and New York, we did sightseeing, ate at amazing restaurants—luckily finding a way to navigate his pescatarian lifestyle and my love for meat—and went on walks,” she recalled. He said, “This is exactly what I imagined for my life: fun, easy and adventure.”

Nicole discovered the true value of “how relaxed I felt about him.”

“There were some nights where we laughed harder than either of us had ever laughed, and we can both agree on this,” she added. He came to Seattle with his family to see me. We had dinner together with our families and also had the opportunity to hold and meet my nephew.

However, just as they were getting settled into their routines, Nicole returned to New York to visit Daniel’s family. Things took a bad turn. Nicole said that he broke off with her just over a month ago. I was devastated.”