The former Southern CharmRelationships have turned to ashes. 

Taylor Ann Green confirmed on the Aug. 12 episode of Live Streaming: See What HappensHer ex boyfriend for two years was her husband. Shep rose, are indeed broken up; however, there’s more to the story than what’s been reported thus far. 

Hosts were not aware of the information until it was revealed. Andy CohenWhen Taylor was asked about the incident leading to the July split, Taylor replied that there wasn’t one. Taylor said “No”. “It’s not the stick which broke the camels back that’s being depicted.”

They have both been candid about their struggles in their relationships. Southern CharmMany of these problems are due to Shep’s infidelity and unresolved commitment issues. Even when they seem to be making progress on the current season, in confessionals Shep tends to contradict the promises he makes to Taylor, admitting he simply wants to remain a bachelor even though she’s eager to get married.

It’s not easy to watch this guy back. “I think everything that’s showing nine months later is proving to be true, that that’s the way he still thinks,” Taylor added, noting that she’s not even interested in being friends with Shep at the moment. He wants to be there, but it’s not having your cake and eating it. No, that’s not what I want. At least not right now.”