Cuoco didn’t expect to go through such a lot in her professional and personal life, but it was something that helped her perform in season 2.

She shared that the trauma she had been through “probably helped me do what I needed for this season.” Did I really mean that this would happen? OMG, it’s not. That’s what I didn’t want to happen. No. At times, it seemed so life-imitating-art that it was almost frightening. “I feel that the pain and suffering I went through was captured on film. 

This included a scene where Cassie broke up with her boyfriend Marco, played by Santiago Cabrera. Cuoco stated, “I couldn’t even breathe.” Cuoco continued, “I went to the toilet and thought that I would have panic attacks.” We were not affected by what they did. It’s not my intention. That was the idea behind the split, as well as the actual words. 

However, her journey has brought her to a better place. It is the Big Bang TheoryAlum now dates actor Tom Pelphrey and was just nominated for an Emmy for her lead role in The Flight AttendantShe is now on her second row.

“I am so much better now!” Cuoco stated. Cuoco said, “I was able to come out of this a few months back and my life completely flipped around.” Everybody kept telling me there was a light at end of the tunnel. I wasn’t able to believe it until it actually happened. This is what I am able to say to people going through the darkest years of their lives, it’s gonna get worse.