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Kim KardashianHer fans waited eagerly for the May 2022 debut of the first SKIMS swim collection. Kim has been dubbed the “Queen of Bikini Photography”. Kim’s brand has blessed fans with metallic swimwear since then and another campaign that stars the next generation. Paris JacksonBella PoarchPlease see the following: Madison Bailey. The latest Drop in Skims Swim is just getting better. It’s all about shaping, sculpting, and everything else.

SKIMS Shaping Swim Collection: If you love SKIMS shapewear and its flattering fit, then this is the collection for you. This collection combines all the best features of SKIMS swimwear and shapewear. You can choose from five gorgeous color choices and sizes, from XXS up to 4X. If you want to “Keep Up With” Kim’s style, check out the pieces from her latest drop, which launches on August 12, 2022 at 12 PM ET/ 9 AM PT.