Joking aside, Sophie and Richard—who play beloved couple Brianna and Roger on Outlander—are good friends who share a similar sensibility when it comes to their acting technique. This technique doesn’t always bring joy to the crew.

In actuality, the interview was conducted during “interview”. OutlanderWriter and Executive Producer Matthew B. RobertsThe pair were asked a question by Twitter. “Do you prefer to do extensive rehearsals before shooting or just walk through the scenes and then see how it goes when they start rolling?” He was curious. 

Richard laughed, and instantly responded “I feel as if this is a trap.”

Sophie, what do you think? Sophie attempted to explain the plan.

“In our defense we are quite instinctual actors,” she said. It just becomes boring. You can also block scenes. The goal is to feel the emotion and do it.

Richard, however, was stubborn.

He chuckled, “I believe he wants to see something that he could use as evidence against us.” “I’m the fifth!”