Maybe there are more than one side to every story.

Netflix’s newest limited series, titled “The Last Days of Summer”, has been a hit with viewers in recent weeks. Anna Invented. The drama explores a journalist who chased down the story of Anna DelveyAlso known as Sorokin, (played in Julia Garner(), who persuaded New York’s elite that she was a German Heiress.

Some people have made their mind up about Anna, while others wait to speak with her. A new podcast interview granted their wishes.

Anna was on Spotify’s March 11th. Forbidden FruitsPodcast from the Orange County Correctional Facility, Goshen. Anna admitted that she hadn’t seen every episode during the honest interview. However, Anna learned some important things about the series which suggests it isn’t all true to life. 

Anna said that she wanted to create something from nothing. Anna said, “I was just looking for my own things and wanted to have control. It was my desire to just tell others what I wanted. This is a completely different way to get paid, and it’s so much easier to make people happy.

Anna is unsure if she would do it differently. She explained that “I would have chosen other ways of doing it.”