CelebHomes: Do you feel nervous about putting it out there?

SC: You know, every time I share a piece of my music with the world, it’s like I share a little piece of my heart. With this album, I feel like I’m sharing my whole entire heart—all of me—and it’s a beautiful thing. Being able to create art that reflects who I am is an honor. It is also a bit scary, but it’s a thrilling, exciting, and fun experience.

CelebHomes: Which is the main theme for this album? Is there a theme that unites it? 

SC: I fell in love with storytelling when I was a little girl and, when it came to writing my first album, I wanted to write a story from start to finish. My story was about a love story that a little girl falls in love with, and then is thwarted by her own heart. It’s still a tale about a girl that survives.

CelebHomes: What’s your favorite part of storytelling?

SC: I wrote my first song when I was 11 years old and I remember falling so deeply in love with songwriting, with being able to—through words and through melodies—bring to life the secrets that lied in my heart. Songs can make even the most fearful and vulnerable thoughts feel secure. My song journal was something I carried with me everywhere I went. In the first page, I wrote “I hope people hear my story when they listen to my music.”

That’s why I enjoy songwriting and storytelling the most. Listening to Taylor is like listening to Ed. I can hear their stories and I get my own. That’s beautiful. This is almost magic. It connects all of us as human beings.