10 p.m. The couple’s nighttime routine looks pretty similar to a lot of duo’s, two years deep into a global pandemic. The couple opens their laptops and checks work emails, while also assessing the state of their household. “My husband and I connect and kind of have our family meeting about, ‘Oh, this is what the kids need,’ or, ‘We need a new toaster oven!’ Kate confirms that all this is true. So it is just a mix of work and family stuff. All of it blends together.”

When she is done, however, she will be DoneBefore she can say, “I’m out of here like a torch,” she read only one chapter in her current book.

It’s a great thing because these days, her beauty sleep is especially critical as she prepares herself for managing a market-leading brand. AndGet ready for future releases. “In a way, even though it’s wild and frenetic, I do kind of appreciate that it’s also a little bit civilized and a little bit calmer,” she says of the pre-launch period. It’s over once the train leaves the station. You can’t put the genie back in that bottle.