Are you experiencing toilet bubbles when using your shower? That indicates a plumbing problem—precisely, a pipe blockage. This sounds like the pipes are constantly making and taking in air. Mind you; this isn’t a mere warning. If you don’t attend to it promptly, your toilet might get obstructed completely.

If you’re reading this and your toilet drain bubbles, you’re in the right place. We’ll teach you what could cause it and how you can fix the issue.

There are likely reasons your toilet bubbles.

The reason your water is bubbling when it passes through the drain of your toilet bowl.

1.    Bogged Drain

When gargles happen, it’s because there is something hampering water flow. You could have a total or partial blockage. If your drain is blocked, bubbles can begin slowly. It’s easy to wave it off as minor during this time, but it only worsens if neglected.

Water might not flush from your toilet anymore. The obstruction could be caused by a blockage in the toilet’s passageway. The possible obstructions include soap residues and hair oil. Toiletries, toys, dirt, shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries can also cause it.

2.    Blocked Sewer Line

There is a link between your toilet’s drain pipe and the main sewer line buried underneath your home. If the blockage isn’t within the drain, another likelihood is the sewer line. It could indicate a larger problem in your house. This is because your main sewer takes all household waste to the septic tank. city’s central sewer line.

3.    Pipes with Blocked Vent

A common connection is the vent pipe between sewer and drain lines. The vent pipe is typically the horizontally located pipe just outside of the roof or wall. It’s responsible for carrying all gasses to the exterior without interrupting water flow. That’s possible because of the neutral air pressure it maintainsIn the drains

If obstructed, you’ll experience some flow issues, including toilet bubbles. There are also chances of you starting to smell unpleasant odors in your home.

Remedies for Toilet Bubbles

The following are solutions to the above-mentioned problems.

  • Make sure to flush your toilet well. To prevent any additional pressure, seal your drains and the showerhead. While you do that, the water you’re running through the drain could dissolve the stack. You can push a larger stack further with more water, until it is finally pushed out of the pipe.
  • You can access the vent pipe with a ladder. An auger can be used to remove any visible obstructions. You can also spray water, but make sure to listen carefully so that the water touches the pipe’s lower end.
  • Ascertain that the obstruction isn’t a general thing within your neighborhood. It could be a blockage in the city sewer. For assistance, call the correct personnel.
  • Sometimes, the issue might be your apartment’s main sewer line. Before a clean, you’ll need to locate and dig it out.


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