Simply put, the world’s wealthiest man isn’t buying.
On the weekend, there was a report that Tesla’s chief executive officer had been fired. Elon MuskHad a short relationship with Nicole ShanahanGoogle co-founder Cathy, his wife Sergey Brin. According to Wall Street JournalAccording to sources familiar with the subject, Shanahan and Brin were living separately at the time Shanahan was alleged to have been in a liaison, which took place in December 2021. According to the publication, Brin also filed for divorce after discovering about the affair several weeks later.
Musk responded to Musk’s July 24 report. tweetedThis is complete BS. Sergey is a friend of mine and we were there last night at a party. Nicole has been to my house twice, but both occasions were with lots of other people. It’s not romantic.”
Musk followed up on his tweet with another one wroteHe works crazy hours so there isn’t much free time to do shenanigans.

Based on WSJ, who cited people familiar to the two, tension between Musk and Brin—who are longterm friends—and their teams “has been growing” in recent months.