Rebecca RomijnShe and her husband Jerry O’Connell We were able to hear her honest feelings about ex-husband John Stamos.

While they were appearing together on May 5th episode The TalkJerry and Rebecca shared their thoughts on the first time they started dating. They noted that Rebecca had not been legally separated from John when it happened. Entertainment Tonight.

Jerry stated that Rebecca met him while she was in the midst of her divorce proceedings, and that she was upset about this.

Rebecca said, “Going through divorce is horrible. It’s terrible.” He was my partner for 10 years. It feels like I am failing and there are many things that I have to give up that made me feel very unhappy.

Jerry observed that Rebecca speaks fondly of their relationship. Voll HouseLegally, star ended in 2005.

Jerry stated, “When I am with you personally, I hear you talking about your ex husband, it seems like it was fun.” “You have always had really enjoyable memories.”