Madison PrewettThere are many reasons for you to have a great summer.

This was on May 5. The Bachelor star confirmed she is in a relationship when she debuted her new boyfriend Grant Michael TrouttInstagram 

Madison described Madison as “so passionate and purposeful and joyful,” and wrote that the past five months had been “the best and wildest adventures.” There are many highs and lows. But, there is no one else I’d rather live with.

Since their first date she claimed they have shared something special. “U forgot to open your car door, we were so nervous,” she said. “When we barely touched our quesadillas at meal because of our deep convos, and then riding around the car listening to Drake for hours, it was a special night.”

Reality star says, now, that she is my best friend. This is my favorite goodbye. My hardest goodbye. You are the only one like you. Keep dreaming, living, serving and loving.