Getting real, real quick.

Natti Natasha‘s decision to take her romantic relationship with her manager Raphy PinaThe public was difficult. 

As the reggaetón icon and 2021 People’s Choice Awards nominee revealed during CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop on Monday, Nov. 15, she didn’t want people to conflate her success with the fact that she was dating Raphy, who founded one of the most successful reggaetón record labels of all time. 

“You know, manager and artist—it’s not seen that much out there,” Natti said during the exclusive chat, explaining that she just wanted people to focus on her music. 

Natti and Raphy enjoyed being together as a couple. 

In 2021, however, they made their public relationship official. Natti was engaged to her husband and welcomed their first child together, a little girl called Natti. Vida Isabelle Pina GutiérrezRaphy, May 22.