Kristen Stewart Recalls Twilight Romance With Robert Pattinson

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This saga went on to earn over $500,0003.0 billionKristen is astonished at how the movie stars rose to fame around the world.

She said that it was “very naive” in the best possible way. As she described the process of filming the series in college, as she received instruction during film shoots. The actress noted that it was also interesting to witness the impression others have of her because of this role.

She replied, “Like people thinking they know you,” You didn’t know what I was thinking. TwilightForever?,” she said rhetorically. Is that the way you saw me?”

Kristen, who has more than 40 films under her belt and is already garnering Oscar buzz for her role in Spencer“If this is how you see me, that will set you up for success because I am capable of doing so much more.”