The vacation story we saw is undoubtedly more outrageous than any NFL NFL game.

This month was earlier. Kelly StaffordHe is married and a Los Angeles Rams Quarterback. Matthew StaffordShe released an episode of her podcast. Morning After.

The show aims to be “something fun and stress free to listen to” as you go about your day. Kelly delivered on her promise with a hilarious vacation story in the episode of Jan. 11. 

While enjoying a getaway with Matthew, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt RyanAnd his wife Sarah RyanThe group was able to run into Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Nina Agdal. They soon became friends, and they decided to meet up again the next day for Frisbee or volleyball.

The group decided to play Picolo as the sun was setting. This is a game where players receive prompts on their phones that instruct them to take on challenges and dares. What came next was a moment no listener was prepared for.