One door can be closed and another opens.

Stephen ColbertAugust 11, 2009: Announced Jon Batiste You won’t be going back to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert after all. He shared that “Sharp-eyed viewers might have noticed Jon hasn’t been here this Summer,” he said. Jon has decided not to return to the show. It’s not for the worst reasons. He wants to keep sharing his artwork with the rest of the world.

Colbert added, “We wanted a large, personal sendoff for Jon, but he’s not here.” He’s probably recording his next album. We need more Grammys.”

Be Human Join us Louis CatoBatiste’s fill-in singer, Cato, was promoted to leader of the band and The Late Show Band has been renamed. Colbert said that Cato was a “musical genius” and praised his talents. He is able to play virtually every instrument. If you give him an afternoon, he will learn to play Mozart with a shoehorn.