So that’sIt is why it’s called NSFW.

Page Six interview, February 16, Jason Tartick revealed that fiancée Kaitlyn Beristowe‘s podcast, The VineHe was directly responsible for his resignation from his job.

“Kaitlyn made a funny confession on her podcast about the first time we hooked up, which was this fully clothed, intimate moment,” Jason shared. 

But after the spicy story made its way to Jason’s boss, the 33-year-old banker found himself facing an ultimatum.

Jason explained, “It forced me into a situation where I was either required to restart my entire bank career or improve my bank brand.” “My boss said, ‘No more social media, no more podcasts, no more side hustle, nothing.’ As a result, I was able to get my job done. [left].” 

So what exactly did Kaitlyn, 36, reveal in her podcast confessional?

“I was having my period,” she stated. It’s a normal thing for women. This doesn’t make it any less normal. Everyone gets their period. This doesn’t mean that it should be something you ignore. So I was like, ‘Yo, let’s just dry hump.'”