As a mother and daughter, we are one.

This was a family affair. Lea Thompson on March 15 when she stepped out in Los Angeles to celebrate Zoey DeutchThe latest film from? The Outfit. The mother-daughter duo posed on the red carpet before chatting with CelebHomes News, with Lea praising the 27-year-old actress for having “navigated a lot more difficult things than I ever did” as a child growing up in Hollywood.

The author said that she has faced greater adversity than most and is a resilient and remarkable person. Back to the FutureThe alum said that Zoey is “impressed” at her younger sister’s behavior. Madelyn DeutchThey have “navigated this business” and have made their own careers. 

Lea shared that she worked hard to become a “good egg” in the business and show her daughters that there is no one better than the others.

“Whenever I hear Zoey, Maddie, are great to the crew, and really an excellent team player, it’s what makes me proudest,” she said.