Sydney SweeneyWe are caught in her web. 

The Euphoria Star will be joining Dakota Johnson in Marvel’s upcoming film Madame WebCelebHomes News confirmed this. The new Sony Pictures superhero installment will center on the comic book character Madame Web, an elderly woman with psychic sensory abilities who thrives off a spiderweb that operates as her life support. Dakota will play the titular hero, but it is still unknown what role Sydney will take on.

Dakota is the first woman to be a superhero in Sony’s Marvel Universe. The film, co-written by Matt SazamaAnd Burk Sharpless, will be directed by S.J. Clarkson, who helmed Marvel’s Defenders and Jessica Jones.

Fans wait for more information, but Sydney is currently filming Tony Tost’s directorial debut. National Anthem opposite Simon Rex, Halsey and her fellow Euphoria co-star Eric Dane.

The White Lotus Actress, Fifty-Fifty Films was recently established and she is currently developing a TV series called The Players Table a TV adaptation of Jessica Goodman“YA Novel” They wish they were with usAlso starring Halsey.