After his time on the job, he retired eight years ago. How I Met Your Mother Ended, Jason Segel made a move that was legen…wait for it…dary.  
Leaving L.A. behind for a small town, he explained during an April 7 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “I was like, ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want now,” the actor, 42, shared. “I’m going to live in this place and I have never left.”
When host Jimmy Kimmel asked if he missed living in Los Angeles, Segel replied, “Sometimes, but not really. I love living in a small community. So, for example, I enjoy going to football games at high schools and eating a sandwich. I was not sure if it is possible without kids but I can. Then I attend the local Christmas play and wait outside to get signed by little children. It’s great fun. It is so much fun.
But, he was happy with a different living arrangement.