Pay attention Marie Kondo! Amy Poehler has a whole new take on tidying.

Say goodbye to dust and unwanted belongings because Poehler will produce Peacock’s upcoming unscripted seriesSwedish Death Cleaning: The Gentle Art, CelebHomes News learned on April 8.

The hourlong series—based on Swedish artist Margareta Magnusson‘s nonfiction book of the same name—is a makeover show based on the Swedish practice of döstädning, or death cleaning, where people declutter and get rid of unnecessary belongings. 

A Swedish Death Cleaner will visit each homeowner in every episode to organize and unpack decades of collection. After the cleaning, homeowners are encouraged to give their possessions to family members and friends.

Swedish Death Cleaning: The Gentle Art is created and produced by the creator of the original Queer Eye, Scout Productions, and Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions. We are just as thrilled as the actress. 

Poehler (50) said that they are thrilled to be working on such an inspiring project with Scout’s genius creators. Peacock, the amazing Scout Team and their Swedish Death Cleaning are a reminder to us to keep our eyes on the important things.