“I love nothing as much or more than this.” Deal or No DealThroughout my career, I have never stopped learning. BullHe revealed that the “come along” he had just said. “On Deal or No DealI can’t pretend to be a part of this because I have no idea what is going on. The case was opened and I waited for the answer. In this one, I get to sit back like the audience member and listen to this person pontificate on something, and just try to—‘How the heck does she know what she’s talking about?’ “I get to have fun.”

“The show should be called”Deal or No Deal on steroids,” Mandel revealed Bullsh*tIt was a significant milestone. Deal or No DealIt will take years.

“It took four years to give the million dollar away.” [on Deal or No Deal]”Yes,” he replied. He said, “Here’s the spoiler. I will give away one million dollars for the season 1 of Bull.”

Mandel shared his success with us, even though he won’t divulge the most ridiculous lie he has ever made.