Not only did Heidi not recognize the experience being depicted, she didn’t even recognize the faces, saying, “I didn’t know who all of those people were.” 

Klum, who became the first German supermodel to earn her Victoria’s Secret wings in 1998 and worked for the company until 2001, described her tenure as “the best time ever.”

Director: Matt TyrnauerIn July, the docuseries in three parts was made available on YouTube.

Tyrnauer, who was at that time speaking to CelebHomes News, stated, “This appeared to be part the story of an enormous culture shift in this world, where top down fashion and the worlds of influential designers and editors were collapsing. Perhaps once for all. And the force of social media starting to determine what is relevant in the fashion industry.” There was an interesting story here, as the models were pushing for this brand against it, almost like they were eating from the hands that gave them food.