Emma Slater and Sasha Farber may have had their last dance, but there isn’t bad blood on the dance floor.

Although the Dancing With the Stars pros have parted ways after four years of marriage, a source exclusively tells CelebHomes News they have kept things “amicable.”

“They still get along,” the source says. “They’re figuring things out but there’s no bad bloodAnd they are still friends.”

According to the source, Emma and Sasha split after their relationship ended.

According to the source, they had been in different places of their lives but still shared many experiences. “They still share dogs and continue to work together,” she said. (After all, the pair did tour together in early 2022 for the Dancing With the Stars Live tour.)

The news of Emma’s and Sasha’s split comes almost six years after Sasha proposed to Emma during an episode of 2016 of “The Bachelorette.” DWTS. Emma shared their wedding on Instagram, writing, “The greatest day of my entire life.”