An iconic Hollywood mix-up. 

If Francia Raisa realized she had a missed call from the How I Met Your FatherProduces. Her mind went straight to the one thing: “Oh my goodness, I am fired!”

CelebHomes News’ 33-year-old actress remembered the moment. Daily PopOn Thursday, February 24, tell the host Justin Sylvester and guest host Kristin CavallariShe panicked even more after trying to contact them again, only to be told that they were busy.

“They finally called me back 30 minutes later after I was sweating profusely,” Raisa exclusively explained. They called me back 30 minutes later after I was sweating profusely,” Raisa exclusively explained.

No, Raisa hadn’t been fired—How I Met Your FatherThe contract was renewed for the second season.

She cried, calling it “incredible” as she called the news. “Usually it is the reps.”

Raisa was not the only person thrilled by the news. She said that the cast includes “We’ve stopped filming just before Thanksgiving.” Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall Josh Peck. “And all we have been doing is just wondering and sending messages.”