It appears that Dr. Meredith Grey isn’t a fan of medical dramas. 

The episode of February 23rd was a special edition. Ellen Pompeo‘s podcast, Ellen Pompeo – Tell MeThe Shondaland actress revealed that she hadn’t seen “most” of the episodes. Grey’s Anatomy. Pompeo made this confession to her guest Martha Stewart, explaining that she has been starring as the titular character for 18 seasons and is “not even close” to watching or remembering all of the episodes.

She said, “I’ve only seen a few of them.” “I went back to old episodes the few times that I directed.

Despite the fact that the program has been broadcast for more than 15 years, the host is still trying to keep the “spirit of the original episodes”.

Her intention was to preserve the spirit of early times. She continued, “That’s the hardest work. It is to preserve that kind of DNA. This is difficult but it gives us something to aim for.”

There are 392 episodes so she still has lots to catch up!