Tom HollandIs that you?

For weeks now, the Spider-man actor and girlfriend Zendaya have been inseparable, popping up at hockey games, movie screenings and romantic dinners. Their relationship began on the set. Spider-ManTom has not yet been offered a position in Zendaya’s HBO series. Euphoria—or, so we thought.

During the Sunday, Feb. 20 episode of Euphoria, viewers scanned the audience of The Best Things in LifeLexington Howard wrote the semi-biographical play, titled “The Other Side of Lexi Howard” (Maude AptowIn hopes of seeing Marvel’s hero, they hoped to be there. Although most attendees appeared to be regular high school students or extras, one individual thought that they saw Tom in an obscure corner of the theatre. A tweet caption was added by a Twitter user: “DAMN LEXI GOT TOM HOLLAND AT HIS PLAY?” 

It was viral immediately, with thousands of people liking it in less than an hour. Is that Tom actually seated there? Euphoria high’s auditorium?