You might be surprised by some Utah news.

Bravo means to give The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans an early look at the season two reunion.

This time, the ladies will have a lot to do. Jen ShahTo arrest Lisa BarlowThe hot mic moment of ‘Shot Mic Moment, but they need to address one thing before diving into the drama: Mary CosbyIt is the host’s inability to do so. Andy CohenIn the sneak peak, it is described as “disappointing”.

Andy says, adding context to Mary’s decision of skipping the reunion. “She was very upset by everyone talking behind her back regarding her church.”

Despite this, Live Streaming: See What Happens host says he encouraged Mary to show up to defend her church—which has long been the subject of speculation and at times referred to as “a cult”—Andy reveals that Mary was also “stunned” and “upset” with Whitney Rose calling her a “predator.”

Whitney, on the other hand, says she wishes Mary could have relayed the information in person. Whitney adds, “I wish that she was here. Because I tried to talk with her all season but she refused me respect.”