Matthew StaffordHe knows that this was not the best call.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback made headlines at the 2022 Super Bowl victory parade after NFL photographer Kelly SmileyThe wife of an NFL player fell off a platform as he set up a photo of them together Kelly Stafford.

After some questioned Matthew’s reaction to the moment, the 34-year-old expressed regret during the Feb. 22 episode of Kelly Stafford: The Morning After podcast. As he explained, the incident “happened really quickly and suddenly and unexpectedly.”

He said, “I wish I’d had a better response in that moment.” He replied, “I didn’t.” I am sorry for this. “All in all, it’s a great thing that she’s doing okay. This is one of those little things that makes a difference. [you]You can train your actions so that they are a bit more effective next time.

Matthew’s wife shared the story of the “awful” moment with him and her reaction.