With all the changes happening in California these days, many of the hottest celebrities are packing up their bags and heading straight for the Lone Star state. Think big names like Elijah Wood, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaghey, and many others. Even billionaire Tesla mogul, Elon Musk, recently announced that he decided to make the move to Austin. So, why the change? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Celebrities Moving to Austin?

There are numerous reasons why celebs are ditching sunny California for the hipster haven of Texas. First, there are a lot less restrictions in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those with children and outdoor enthusiasts are able to roam about the numerous parks and playgrounds without fear of the paparazzi catching them breaking regulations.

Second, real estate is still relatively affordable in Austin compared to the Golden State. For the cost of a modest home near Los Angeles, they can enjoy a sprawling estate with plenty of amenities.

Finally, there’s just a lot to do around Texas. Most years, there are multiple music festivals that draw in some of the best acts in the nation, such as SXSW and Austin City Limits. There are plenty of jogging trails around Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake, and so much more. Simply put, there’s more to do and enjoy.

Texas and Business: It’s a Matter of Dollars

Another reason why so many celebrities are moving to Texas? There’s no state income tax. When you’re talking millions of dollars, this means more money in the bank for the long run. For a lot of business minded athletes, actors, and musicians, this is a big deal. And that’s especially true for those with side hustles, like skincare and fashion lines.

Should You Move to Austin?

Are you considering making the same switch? If you’re thinking about selling your house in Las Vegas or California to move to Texas, now might be the time to do it before the market becomes too saturated. With all the sudden celebrity relocations we’ve seen in the last two years, it seems like more are planning to do the same.