Anna FarisShe went through a difficult but rewarding adjustment period following her 2008 divorce.
The House BunnyStar recently spoke out about the time she discovered a shift in her life after having divorced from her husband. Anna—who quietly tied the knot with cinematographer Michael Barrett last summer—jokingly called herself a “divorce veteran.”
Anna declared, “I am like a divorce veteran since I have been divorced twice.” Chelsea podcast. There’s a kind of shift. The first time it hit was very hard. It was hard to believe that I had become someone I didn’t know.”

(Anna married Ben IndraIn 2004, the couple officially divorced. Actor, he was married to her in 2009. Chris PrattWith whom she has a son Jack, 9. In 2018, the couple separated.
Her words were, “I always had my fridge full.” As a host, I was able to throw many dinner parties. This was before I knew anyone. I was living in an apartment that had beer and mustard only. It was all I did. It was difficult to find someone who could text me or call me and ask, “Hey, can you do this?”