The truth is that there is no perfect time to reupholster a couch. For most people it’s something that is used on a daily basis, you probably won’t be able to use it while it’s being reupholstered. That can make it hard to commit to reupholstering. After all, you probably spend a lot of time on your couch.

However, while it is never too late to save your couch, it’s best to reupholster it before it looks like it belongs in the local landfill site. Don’t forget, reupholstering means you’re not sending the couch to landfill and are helping to look after the environment.

All you have to do is choose the right time to replace your couch. Of course, it will help if you keep your couch clean. It’s best to periodically use a leather upholstery cleaning specialist as they will help your couch to last as long as possible before being reupholstered.

Consider Its Condition

Before you commit to reupholstering and protecting the environment, take a moment to really look at your couch. New upholstery will make it look like it’s just been delivered. But, it won’t change sagging cushions or any structural issues. If your couch is struggling from these then it’s probably better to replace the couch. 

However, if it has huge sentimental value or is a family heirloom, it’s probably still worth the expense of reupholstering. However, make sure you or a specialist repairs the couch before you upholster it again. 

When Do You Use It Least

If you’re trying to choose the best time to reupholster your couch then you need to start by thinking about when you lose it the least. For most people this is likely to be the summer months when you spend more time outdoors, enjoying the warmer weather. 

Alongside this, you need to consider whether you are attempting the reupholstering yourself or having a professional do it. While a specialist service is the more expensive option, it is likely to get a better finish. That’s worth considering.

If you are using a specialist then you can arrange for the couch to be dropped off just before you take a vacation, this can be at any time of the year. If not, you’ll want to plan everything in advance and then do the upholstery during the summer months. 

Defining Reupholstering

It is important to note that reupholstering is not the same as recovering. When you recover a couch you simply replace the fabric. Reupholstering means replacing all the padding, springs, and repairing any damage. In effect, you could call it reconditioning.

It’s important to be aware of this as there is a significant price difference between the two events. But, reupholstering means your couch can last for many more years.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect time to reupholster a couch. Simply choose the moment when you will use it the least and make sure you have alternate seating arrangements. This will make it less of a rush and easier op do a good job on your couch.