Thank you, Your Honor Kim KardashianIs guilty of completely killing the legal quiz.

SKIMS was founded by Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in a quiz on legal matters—and Kim took home the win.

You can see the footage in this video by PeopleThey shared their Aug. 23 dinner together, Hillary and Kim sitting across from each other while Hillary’s little girl was being born. Chelsea Clinton asked both of them questions referring to law. The entire game was shot as part Hillary & Chelsea’s Apple+ TV series. GutsyKim and Hillary would press their respective buzzers to answer the question. Kim won after she hit her buzzer 11 times and answered correctly.

Chelsea observed that her mother’s performance was not surprising. She said, “I believe it’s also her reaction speed needs improvement.” Sometimes I was able see my mom knowing the answer, but not being able to hit the buzzer on time.