If you want
to give your home celeb style on budget, then there are a few different things
you can do to get that look. Even if you don’t have much to spend on your home,
here are some simple ways to upgrade your living space.

Kitchen islands

A large
kitchen that needs to come together can benefit from a kitchen island. Kitchen
islands can be inexpensive, and can often be installed yourself, but they can
add an expensive look to the room. They are also practical, giving you a space
to peel, chop and prep, or you can add stools to the island to make a stylish
breakfast bar.

Taps and fittings

If you want
to update your kitchen or bathroom, one way you can do so is changing the taps.
You can easily replace like for like, and this can upgrade your room easily.
One style that has taken off in recent years is gold taps, which add some celeb
style with minimal effort.

fittings such as towel rails, handles and even cabinets can also make a big
difference, and can completely change the look of a room.

Landscaped gardens

it’s your front or back garden, landscaping your outdoor space instantly
upgrades your home and makes it look neater from the outside.

You can
also add features such as:

  • A
  • Patio
    or decking
  • Flowerbeds
  • Fencing
    and gates

can be done by the professionals, although it’s also possible to do a DIY job
if you don’t mind hard work.

Add shutters to your windows

and blinds can look dated, so if you want to add a luxe look to your home, you
may wish to replace them with shutters. Again, shutters can be easy to install
if you’re good at DIY, but you may want to get them professionally measured and
installed, so you get the best possible fit. Shutters don’t just look good,
they can also help you spend less on air con and heating.

Replacing flooring

You often
don’t need to completely decorate a room to upgrade it. Simply changing the
flooring can make a big difference. Installing grey stone tiles can add a stylish touch to your home, and
create a neutral look in any room. Natural stone is also easy to look after and
is cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, so you get the best of both

Add some feature walls

If you
can’t be bothered to completely paint or wallpaper a room, take a look at some
online inspiration for feature walls. You can easily change the look of a room
by adding some vintage wallpaper, adding a mural or simply just having one wall
in a bright colour and the rest in neutral tones. Best of all, a feature wall
hardly takes any time to do, so it’s a good, basic project.

everyone can live in a mansion, but there are ways to upgrade your home and
give it a touch of star style.