A well-decorated home improves home value provides a cozy space to relax and wind up. The last thing you want is a blank wall staring at you every time you sit to rest in the living room. 

Undecorated walls imbue an ambiance of boringness and dissatisfaction in your space even after arranging furniture perfectly. While your walls might be crying for decorations, choosing the perfect wall décor can be quite a challenging and overwhelming task.

Perfect Decoration Ideas for Your Wall

You’ll agree that empty walls are quite unattractive. If you are looking for great ideas to fill blank walls with décor, wall hangings, and artwork, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below is a list of 10 amazing ideas to decorate your walls.

  • Hang a Large Piece of Painting

An elegant paint provides a striking visual element in your room. A large piece creates a more profound statement. Consider hanging a framed artwork in your living room to give the much-needed contrast and depth. 

A tall painting in a narrow wall near the doorway will do the trick. An attractive painting is timeless.  It’s also easy to tailor according to your taste.  A suitable painting should complement your walls, ceiling, and floor.

  • Vintage Photographs

Use intriguing vintage photographs and pictures to give your home an upgrade. Family photographs placed in an organized gallery wall provide an excellent decoration design. 

You can also find great authentic art in galleries and thrift shops. With Photowall, you have unique wall murals and photo wallpapers to choose from. It’s an effective and straightforward way to add a personal touch to your home.

  • Use Statement-Making Iridescent Mirrors

Mirrors enhance depth in space and invite light into your living room. Consider adding a wooden frame to create a more cohesive feel. 

If you’ve a small room, mirrors create an illusion of a large space. You can go a notch higher with a statement-making mirror such as a sunburst mirror instead of having a purely functional one. 

Additionally, instead of using one large mirror, you can use a gallery wall of antique hand mirrors.  When place together, these mirrors function like adorable art. However, if you prefer large classic mirrors instead, check the antique mirrors collection of Westland London for ideas.

  • Bookcases for Design Purposes

Give your living room a unique finish by using a bookshelf.  You can fill the shelves with books, vases, antique glassware. A bookshelf that spans from wall to wall makes a statement in your home and enables you to display objects that you treasure.

  • Framed  Drawings

A hand-drawn sketch is a magnificent wall décor idea. While the drawings are raw, they create a sophisticated wall décor when placed in a well-curated gallery wall.

  • Artwork Stands Out 

Art enhances brain function. Choose a dynamic piece of art instead of traditional print. You can use either hand an artwork to make an impact. However, you can also do things differently by leaning your artwork against a wall. This creates a relaxed feel.

Illuminate your artwork to make your living to feel sophisticated. The illumination light adds a layer of décor and serves a purpose. Another great idea is adding smaller pieces of different sizes to one massive piece.

  • Unique Fabric Hanging

Do you need a unique décor design that will stand out from the rest?

Consider fabric wall hanging in a breezy aura. This is one of the most cost-effective methods.  You only need a vintage rug that you don’t use. Linens and fabric swatches will also get the job done. The best part is that you can take down the fabrics anytime you want. 

  • Flower Wall

Have you imagined how wall full flowers would look like? Flowers are a great natural wall décor style that brings nature inside your home. If bouquets tickle your fancy, but you can’t afford fresh flowers, consider using a faux flower wall or canvas mounted flowers.

  • Go Bold With a Decorative Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper makes a statement in eclectic space. Play around with different patterns and colors to create a wall décor that will captivate the attention of your guests. 

  • Good looking Pegboard

A pegboard fits perfectly almost everywhere. The best part is that you can customize it to march your taste and preference. Do-It-Yourself Pegboard is a stylish and fresh wall décor suitable for large walls. 

Give your Home a New Look

Wall décor enhances the interior design of your house. Besides creating a visually appealing appearance, they also create a great first impression on your visitors. Also, wall art can be a motivating factor and a finishing element. 

Your wall decoration conveys your personality to people who enter your home. There are myriad ways you can decorate your home, including stacking your books against the wall. Some wall decoration ideas allow you to add a personalized feel. If you have a challenge decorating your wall, the tips above are an excellent starting point.