Bridget Marquardt is giving an update on how close she is with her former Playboy Mansion housemates. 

The 48-year-old reality TV personality rose to stardom when she shared the screen with Holly Madison Kendra WilkinsonCelebHomes’s Blog The Girls Next Door, which aired from 2005 to 2009 and centered on their romantic relationships with late PlayboyFounder Hugh Hefner. Now, Bridget is getting candid about where she currently stands with both Holly and Kendra.

Bridget exclusively revealed to CelebHomes News that Holly and I are still going strong. “We are great buddies. We talk almost every day, voice memos or text messages.

Bridget, who hosts Ghost Magnet with Bridget MarquardtPodcast, is a huge fan of finding stories about supernatural encounters and Holly has this in common. 

“We still run and do little adventures together, usually paranormal or Old Hollywood-type things, like an old-school restaurant in Hollywood that we haven’t been to yet—’Let’s go try that out’—or stay in creepy themed places,” she continued. “We went to Big Bear and saw these themed cottages. One was Haunted Mansion-themed. We were like, We have to.