The Internet’s Son Gavin Thomas Is All Grown Up in New Yearbook Photo

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Gavin ThomasAll grown up.

When the Minnesotan was first introduced to fans, he was just two years old and couldn’t form a complete sentence. Eight years have now passed and Gavin is still a pre-teen.

Gavin’s mom was there Tuesday, October 26. Kate, shared the new pic with his over 500,000 followers, bringing back warm memories of Gavin, his uncle, and Gavin. Nick Mastodon‘s Vine account

One person responded“Need to take wallet-sized pictures for the entire twitter family. Proud to be a nephew Another Twitter user asked the question on all of our minds: “how they grown so fast??”

Recently, Kate spoke to Know Your Meme about Gavin’s status as a bonafide meme star, revealing that she didn’t expect anything to come of those initial videos. She shared, “I would have never imagined that all of this would have happened. We were just taking photos and videos of Gavin.