According to court filings, the NBA superstar has stated that he had sex with Maralee on March 20, 2021.[She]My friend and I went to a Houston hotel party. [She] had called me and wanted to be with me on my birthday,” he said, at another point stating, “[Nichols]We used “hooked up” to describe our relationship, which was true.

CelebHomes News announced that the couple has split up in June.

A second source confirms Khloe is still “very disappointed and hurt by him” in light of recent events. The insider said that Khloe has “relieved to do” at this stage.

“Khloe is all about trust and loyalty,” the second source explained. “She feels hurt. She is ready to move on.” 

Tristan apologized and stated that Khloe does not “deserve” this. He wrote on his Instagram Story, “You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you. You are not worthy of the treatment I’ve given you over the years. You are not the same person I am as my actions.

He concluded, “I have the greatest respect and love” for you. I don’t care what you think. “Repeat, again. I’m so sorry.”

CelebHomes News reached to their representatives for comment.