If you’re on the fence about buying the Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator Moisturizer, check out these reviews from Sephora shoppers.

One customer stated, “This stuff IS PHENOMENAL!” I got it as a complimentary sample along with an order and was immediately obsessed. The texture is so silky and smooth that your skin feels as if it has been there for days. After washing my face the next day and being active all day, I still felt my skin silky soft. The gel feels almost as if it were a mixture of lotion and gel. Get all of it. This will make you happy!

One fan commented, “If your skin is mature and you’re looking for a moisturizing cream, this product will do the trick!” The cream adds moisture and luxury without making your skin feel oily. A moisturizer should be able to bring out the best in our skin as we get older. A tiny amount goes a long way. This was an added gift that I received and it is my obsession!

A second person added “The Holy Grail is finally,” and continued, “I cannot say enough.” It deserves six stars. This cream/gel is easy to use. You can rub it into your skin, then let it dry. This cream/gel is easy to use and doesn’t leave any greasy shine. When you see the reflection in your mirror, WOW! I’m shook!”

“In short, it’s my favorite moisturizer. My skin is combination and a lot moisturizers make it feel heavy or don’t work. The product absorbs very well, leaving my skin soft and smooth. Sephora customers wrote that they will continue to use it at night.

One person exclaimed, “It works.” It works. It’s the best moisturizer for me. My skin was flaky and dry after trying so many moisturizers. Because it works, it’s well worth the cost. You don’t have to pay more for a moisturizer that doesn’t work. Instead, save money and purchase this moisturizer.