Jessica ChastainGrandma ”s is not afraid to take a shot at her granddaughter.

The actress’ grandmother did just that when she sat on Bradley CooperAt a party,’slap.

Chastain explained the above on Chastain’s Jan. 5 episode Ellen DeGeneres ShowShe’s tried to find her grandmother an ex-boyfriend for many years. And when the two-time Oscar nominee worked with someone her grandma liked, she would introduce them.

Chastain stated that she used to photograph her and post them on I worked with Al Pacino. That was a great moment for her. They were pictured together and I placed it on her side table. Matthew McConaugheyShe was thrilled.”

Chastain invited friends to her party a few years back. Bradley Cooper. It was also her grandmother who wanted to meet him.

My grandmother seems to be at an age when she really doesn’t care. She’s just like, ‘I’m just going to do whatever I want,'” Chastain recalled. So she walked to Bradley during the party and simply sat on his lap.