You’ve found yourself in-between homes and feel like you’ve lost a sense of control of the situation.  It can seem like a good idea to just rent a room and make do in the immediate short term. 

But there are so many things to consider to stay positive and even save yourself some money. Here we share with you a few tips on how not to lose your mind when you’re in-between homes. 

Make it Fit for Purpose

Larger families will no doubt find living in a small space stressful. Get real and consider that the short-term stay might last longer than you originally anticipated, so reduce that stress load by ensuring there is enough livable space. 

It’s crucial to think about how many spaces or bedrooms you’ll need to make your transition into a short-term rental as seamless as possible. You might want to book a bachelor suite or a family suite with two or more bedrooms to de-stress.

Live Small

In a temporary space between homes, there is no point in hauling your belongings with you. They may get damaged or gather dust, and you certainly won’t have the space or time to enjoy them.

Hire a short-term self storage facility to keep your possessions safe and secure in the meantime. It will give you one less thing to worry about.

Consider Family Friendly Elements

It won’t be easy to move without the necessities if you are a family with children. Although your list may be larger than others’, short-term rentals might be a convenient way to get what you require without the stress.

Before you book, double-check that your short-term rental company has essentials like cribs, high chairs, playpens, and safety features, so you don’t have to bring them with you (or, worse, buy them in an emergency)

Pets are Family Too

A theme throughout this guide is to foresee the unforeseen. What if you end up being in a temporary position for longer than you had thought? 

Not only could you be apart from your loved pet for a heart-achingly long time, but you will find yourself having spent a small fortune on kennels or temporary accommodation of their own. 

If you have pets, consider hiring a short-term rental that allows them to remain by your side. Save money and your mind! 

Think About Amenities 

You might opt for a hotel setting, with benefits such as the on-site gym or pool, but what about your meals – can you afford to eat at the restaurant or local eateries every single mealtime? 

It’s crucial not to overlook each positive or negative aspect of all available accommodation, including studio apartments with kitchenette areas, short-term fully furnished apartments with built-in washer-dryer facilities, or hotels with an on-site pool.

Keep Occupied

It’s important to remember that you still have a life. While the stress of being between homes could quite easily be all-encompassing, ensure you take time for yourself and continue to do something you enjoy regularly. 

Where cooking may have been your hobby, but the studio apartment you’re in now only has a basic kitchenette, find a cookery class to sign up to, or get creative in terms of what you could create with such limited resources. You might surprise yourself!