It’s not always easy to keep your home clean with pets. They are messy creatures and they will find a way to get everything dirty! But, there are some things you can do in order to make it easier on yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the state of your home, here is a list of 12 tips that will help with taking care of your home with pets.

1. Put a mat by the door to catch dirt and hair:

If you’ve cleaned up your house and the animals have been in after that, it’s going to be a little harder for you. Place a mat by the door so that all of their dirt will stay on the mat when they come back inside. This is also helpful if one or more of your pets are shedding because it will catch all of the loose hair before it flies around and gets on your furniture.

2. Vacuum frequently, especially on high-traffic areas like carpeted stairs or around furniture:

It’s important to vacuum frequently to keep the dirt and hair from piling up. Vacuum on high-traffic areas like carpeted stairs or around furniture where pets tend to sit, sleep, or shed more often.

3. Sweep every day with a broom that has bristles instead of a regular one:

Dogs tend to bring in dirt and other messes from outside, so sweeping every day will help keep your floors clean. Plus, a broom with bristles instead of the regular brush head is better for getting pet hair off the floor!

4. Wash your pet’s bedding once per week in hot water with detergent:

If you have pets, chances are they spend a decent amount of time in their beds. Regularly washing the bedding will keep it fresh and clean for them to enjoy!

5. Give your pets fresh water at least twice per day – this will help keep their teeth clean!

Not only will giving your pets fresh water daily help keep their teeth clean, but it also helps with digestion. You can even add some wet food into the mix to make this a little more enjoyable for them!

6. Brush your pet’s teeth:

At least two times per week to remove tartar buildup can lead to gum disease and oral health issues if not taken care of promptly!

7. Clean up any accidents as soon as they happen:

Cleaning up any accidents as soon as they happen will make them easier to clean! Just be sure that you use a cleaner made specifically for pet stains because it contains enzymes and other ingredients your regular household cleaners don’t.

8) Create designated areas for different activities:

Food and water bowl in one place treat and chews toys in another, bathroom in one location. By doing this, you’ll be able to see where your pet spends more time so that you can do a better job at cleaning!

9) Schedule time each day or week for cleaning:

Schedule some time each day or week for cleaning! The more frequently you clean up after your pets and help keep their living environment tidy, the less work there is on days when life gets hectic.

10) Get rid of clutter, so messes don’t pile up:

A tidy home is a happy home! Plus, it’s easier to clean up after your pets if there isn’t as much clutter lying around.

11) Sweep rather than vacuum dirt and hair:

Sweeping can help keep the amount of loose dirt and hair under control without sweeping multiple times for each mess.

11) Keep pet beds and food away from carpeting and furniture:

This is helpful because it will be easier for you to clean up after them if they’re not in areas that would already be difficult!

12) Get your pet groomed regularly:

Regular grooming can help keep your furniture and clothing free from pet hair.

BONUS: Use a lint roller to remove any loose pet hair or fur!

A lint roller helps get those pesky hairs off of clothes, upholstery, and other items. Just be sure you’re using the type made specifically for pet hair.