After portraying multiple characters throughout the show—each with their own distinct accents and mannerisms—Oscar Isaac told the outlet that he “let instinct guide” him when it came to Jake. He gave Jake personal touches too, including having him speak solely in Spanish and hum a Guatemalan hymn. (Isaac was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala.)  

He shared that he saw an opportunity to add something to the project that wasn’t just trying to serve some comic idea. “The thought of, ‘He’s just going to have the one line that he speaks, it should be in Spanish.'”  

He also noted that it was especially exciting to tap into the darker side of Jake and his potential in the future too.  

He explained that there was something ominous in his control versus Steven and Marc, who have both been off their feet. The scene felt fun because it allowed the imagination to wander and let out the possibility of other characters. 

Let’s hope we get to meet more Marc, Steven, Jake and others in the future.