Nearly three more months later Cheryl BurkeFor divorce, file from the estranged spouse Matthew LawrenceShe is open about their efforts to keep it going.

Cheryl explained, “Matt, I, we certainly, were in couples therapy even before our marriage,” on the May 4, episode of Tamron Hall.

Cheryl, reflecting on her nearly three-year marriage to Matthew, said that they “definitely tried.”

She said that “people evolve” and “people grow.” She explained, “And sometimes they evolve together, and other times, you know you unfortunately grow apart.”

It Dancing With the StarsPro said that she was a big advocate of therapy and also highlighted the myths couples might have regarding seeking out outside help.

She explained that therapy is often associated with the phrase “Oh my God! There’s a problem!” “But I believe it is very beneficial to have a third party that isn’t biased, that can offer you tools and ways I suppose you could say about how to communicate.