If you haven’t been sold, The Sunset Selling spin-off, just wait until you read what Jason Oppenheim had to share.

In an exclusive chat with CelebHomes News, the Oppenheim Group boss teased that The OC can be sold—the official name for The Sunset Selling‘s spin-off—is set to be Netflix’s next reality TV hit. Jason assured that he wouldn’t be “self-promotional” but he said that he was “couldn’t get more excited about this show” because it is “so good.”

CelebHomes News: “I think that Netflix is equally excited as production,” he said. Like everyone, it’s gonna a big show.

The OC can be sold will follow the agents based out of the Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office and stars a co-ed cast, including Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria, Brandi MarshallIt is among other things.

And, according to Jason, the budding reality stars are “really young and outgoing [and]We didn’t forget anything.”