Two years later, I was fired Vanderpump RulesStassi Schroeder will be happy to speak with you.

Bravo, Stassi’s ex-co-star in Summer 2020 made the final decision Faith StowersThere was evidence that Stassi Kristen DouteThe two white men had both called the police on Faith (a Black woman) to make a false report. The pair issued apologies once Faith’s story gained traction, but the damage was done. Stassi was, in essence, dead. 

That’s at least what it looked like back then. She is now releasing her second novel, which she wrote as a reality-TV celebrity. Take My Head Off: A Definitive Handbook for Surviving Rock Bottom. It is a detailed account by Stassi of what she calls “the Canceling of 2020”, in which she describes all of the changes that have occurred to her life since then.Pump rules

A look at the future and an analysis of the past. Get Off With My HeadDrops several bombshells Vanderpump Rules, her pregnancy and more. CelebHomes gathered the best.