There are some people who really enjoy living in townhomes because they never feel alone but still get to enjoy some privacy. Residents who have developed strong relationships with their neighbors feel safer knowing that there is someone close by in case of an emergency.

Neighbors sharing a townhouse are all stakeholders in the safety and security of your building, so you may find neighbors working together to ensure your neighborhood is clean, safe and that suspicious activity is reported. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to get together every week or beat up in each other’s business. Your neighbors may want privacy just as much as you do and to keep to themselves. According to Realtor Spencer Hsu, it’s nice to know that the community is there and committed to make it a great place for everyone.

Community Expectations

It’s very likely that you will be required to be part of a homeowners association. While each of you owns your townhome, the building can’t have several different colors or façades to meet the taste of each of the residents.

But in exchange for not having to worry about the exterior of a home, an HOA can help take care of a lot of communal expenses. 

Being part of a community also means that you’ll have to keep up with certain maintenance fees. An often overlooked one is pest control.

If one of your neighbors has termites, rats, roaches, or other rodents that have infested their home or their yard, then it is only a matter of time before it affects your unit. By choosing to live with neighbors who care about the environment you all share, the less likely you are to be stuck with maintenance or repair costs that originally weren’t caused by you, and you’ll enjoy a cleaner building.

Outdoor Spaces

Some people have a misconception that living in a townhouse means that you cannot have a garden. Some townhomes certainly come with a small backyard, but you can get creative with a smaller patio space. All sorts of people grow all sorts of plants, including varieties of fruits and vegetables, behind their townhomes.

The backyards in townhouses are usually divided by tall fences that protect each homeowner’s privacy. Your backyard may be big enough to plant a few trees as well as set up a grill and a tablespace. You may be able to find a stretch of land where you can grow a garden. 

Rooftop Patio 

Another space that you can use for growing potted plants that I can get plenty of sunshine is on an upstairs patio if your townhouse has one. If your townhome has a flat roof on the upper floor, then you grow trees and other plants outside.

Many townhomes have patios on their top floor with a flat roof. Homeowners can set up a grill, patio table, chairs, and other furniture or plants on this upper floor.

Flat roofs are relatively easy to maintain as long as you ensure that the drains are always clear of debris and that you bring in any light objects on your patio before major storms. But if you take these two precautions, then you’ll be able to enjoy your patio and home for many years.