What can you expect if you are suffering from a gum infection?

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is a serious
infection of the gum tissues, that forms that main support system of your
teeth. Now, if the basis of your teeth is in worse conditions, your teeth are
Ultimately jeopardised. Needless to say, any kind of gum disease will have
serious detrimental consequences on your dental health. It’s a chronic disease
that spreads rapidly in people. Gum disease begins with a bacterial infection
and leads to tooth loss at advanced stages if left untreated. Gradually, all
tissues and ligaments surrounding your teeth start to disintegrate, leading to
teeth removal or tooth loss.   

Generally, periodontal disease is of two types, gingivitis, and
periodontitis. The former disease indicates gun infection at the initial stage,
whereas the latter is the advanced stage of gum infection. Gum disease can
further be classified into three types. Let’s see the different types of gum


If you notice, swollen, bleeding and slightly reddish tooth gums,
you might have gingivitis. Healthy gums are firm and pinkish. Gingivitis is the
mildest form of gum infection. The disease usually occurs in people who lack in
oral hygiene and neglect their dental health. Also, if you notice bleeding
while brushing your teeth or bad breath you can’t get rid of you should seek
dental help. Gingivitis is a reversible form of gum infection. With immediate
and proper professional treatment people can recover and can reinstate their
gums to health. So, if you are facing any of the symptoms, please don’t delay
and contact your dentist because if taken proper measures, gingivitis can be
cured. If left untreated, it will lead to the next stage of gum


Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gum infection, which is
irreversible. Not only does periodontitis affect your gum tissues, but it also
slowly devours your gum line, deteriorating the condition of your teeth and
jawbone. Periodontitis leads to loss of teeth and jawbone atrophy. If you
notice chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums, reddish, swollen
pockets containing pus, immediately consult a doctor. If you are suffering from
any of these symptoms, you will feel your teeth mobile, besides noticing your
gums receding. Eventually, all this will lead to teeth loss and severe pain if
left untreated.

To cure this disease, you need to go through deep cleaning also
called scaling. To remove the bacteria, tartar, plague lying behind the gum
line, you need to go through root planing too, to undergo a complete treatment.
To fight against the infection, you might be recommended antibiotic therapy. In
severe cases of periodontitis, patients are required to go through surgeries.
During surgeries, healthy tissues are added to the existing ones to enable your
body to rebuild the existing tissues. 


When the condition of periodontitis increases rapidly, it results
in aggressive periodontitis. At this stage, gingival ligaments and tissues snd
bones disintegrate at a fast pace. 

Chronic periodontitis: 

At this stage, the already disintegrated gingival tissues and
ligaments become inflamed. This stage is also characterised by gingival pockets
filled with pus and recession of gums. The entire gum structure begins to
deteriorate and disintegrate rapidly. 

Necrotizing periodontal

This type of disease can be seen prevalent among people who suffer
from problems kike HIV, malnutrition, immunosuppression, etc. This stage
signifies the death of the gingival ligaments, tissues and alveolar bones. They
aren’t eaten away completely but are deprived of the nutrition that they
require for remaining healthy. 

On the occasion of any of the above-mentioned problems, visit your dentist and schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning. There are various steps that you can do at home to take care of your oral health, but there are some procedures that only experts can do. If you are from Florida and are suffering from dental concerns, make sure to search “dental Ocala” online and set an appointment with a trusted professional from VIPCare. You need to practice daily flossing and brushing, at least twice a day. When the day begins, before going to bed and after having lunch, floss, followed by brushing your teeth and tongue. If you have been doing this for some time, you are sure to notice improvements in your dental health. Daily flossing and brushing will prevent bacteria and plague from sitting too long. If you don’t brush or floss for a long time, plaque and tartar start to grow and spread on the surface of your teeth. 

Many people question the necessity of brushing in the morning.
Here is why they should. While they sleep, many microorganisms still exist
inside their mouth, that are living and working. Bacteria replicate itself all
this while forming plague. Hence, it’s very essential to brush in the morning
to destroy any plague formation. 

objective of this periodontal disease treatment is to allow reattachment and
rebuilding of new gums to teeth, lessen swelling, the gingivitis pockets filled
with plague, tartar, and pus and reduce chances of further infection. All of
this is done to prevent the spread of the disease and worsening dental health.
The degree of treatment depends on the stage of infection and overall dental
health. There is a range of treatments available in today’s advanced medical
sector, that range from nonsurgical therapies to surgeries and you can reach
out to highly
recommended dentists in Waterloo