Vancouver is a lovely coastal seaport city situated in western Canada and is famous for its fresh and delicious local seafood, especially the salmon. The city is considered the most populous one in the entire province of British Columbia. It is known for its attractive tourist spots and scenic beauty, with its deep blue sea and the snow-capped mountains. Such gorgeous sights have rightly made Vancouver acquire top positions in the ‘Most Beautiful Cities in the World’ lists. Moreover, it is also labeled as one of the ”most livable cities” of the world.

The famous landmark of West Vancouver, Stanley Park, is no doubt appealing to about 11 million visitors from all across the globe each year. You will also be awestruck by the beauty of Chinatown here. Besides, this beautiful city is also home to several beaches like CF Pacific Center, gardens, hiking trails, art galleries, museums, islands, grouse mountain, cypress mountain, Seymour mountain, Whistler and many others. The town is popular for its luxurious million-dollar celebrity homes of specific famous Canadian big names like Chip Wilson, Tom Hanks, Cindy Crawford, Kate Hudson, Justin Bieber, and Drake. Tourists would love to drive around the city to witness the stunning mansions, which are no less than castles.

Below is a list of the top 5 luxurious celebrity homes of Canada that you may consider visiting to witness their glory.

Chip Wilson, West Vancouver, British Columbia

If you are wondering who this man named Chip Wilson is, then you must know that he is one who is famous for founding some of the most popular and your favorite clothing companies, such as the Lululemon. It is the most expensive house in West Vancouver and is now under the ownership of the University of Calgary alumni. Even though this celebrity home in the North Shore may not seem like the castles you have read about in fairy tales, yet it is a perfect representation of the modern castles of today. This billionaire businessman and generous philanthropist built his two-storeyed house across about 16,000 square feet in West End. It comprises seven bedrooms, along with nine bathrooms, and sits on a waterfront lot on the exclusive commercial district of Greater Vancouver. This businessman purchased the Point Grey Road Mansion at the height of lower mainland’s real estate market, and since then it fell by about $10 million in assessed valuation. Yet if you look at any current bc and lower mainland west vancouver houses on mls today, it remains the most expensive property in British Columbia. One could take a lovely walk across Downtown Vancouver past his custom-built home and witness this glorious creation!

Tom Hanks, Muskoka, Ontario

Yes, your favorite filmmaker’s home is situated in the most famous and incredible celebrity summer vacation spot of Canada BC, that’s Muskoka. He has bought this stunning property in this Canadian province, and he spends a lot of time on the water at the time of shooting in some Canadian setting. Other famous Hollywood stars who spend their summertime in Muskoka include Steven Speilberg, Martin Short, Goldie Hawn, and Kate Hudson. Tom Hanks with his genius mind, is using his lovely cottage for filming purposes, instead of making it a summer getaway.

Drake, Toronto, Ontario

Needless to give an introduction of the famous rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, also has another side that would amaze you. He has been building this lovely castle for years, since 2016. Even though this project of Toronto mansion is not yet entirely complete, Drake has started posting pictures of his creation in his social media handles. He especially feels great pride in his grand indoor basketball court, which is worth beholding! Besides, Drake’s mansion also consists of amenities like a 21-square-foot pyramid-shaped skylight. The attractive and gorgeous dome of his manor house is going to blow your mind (and your eyes!). The mansion of this recording artist measures about 50,000 square feet, having a vast range of exclusive furniture, which are envisioned by the Canadian interior designer and architect, Ferris Rafauli. All the furniture of the Drake Manor is constructed of bronze, exotic woods, limestone, and some other noble materials in George Vancouver. Every part of this lovely castle is built and executed with great meticulousness.

Justin Bieber, Wellington County, Ontario

Let’s admit, Justin Bieber has been a crush for many young ladies out there, at least for some point in time. You will be a hell lot more amazed and stunned, seeing his lovely mansion situated in Ontario, in Wellington county, Canada. This famous world-wide singer bought this million-dollar property in August 2018, which comprises four bedrooms, a movie theatre, three fireplaces, six bathrooms, three-car garages, a private lake, a separate boathouse, and the list is endless. This king-size castle is probably the perfect Utopian home one would crave for! This house built on a 101-acre property is located on a private lake, named Puslinch Lake, a one-hour drive from downtown Toronto. The mansion itself covers a massive area of about 9000 square feet, and has its racecourse!

Cindy Crawford, Muskoka, Ontario

The house of the famous and beautiful American model and actress, Cynthia Ann Crawford, is the talk of the city. She visits the area with her family every year to enjoy their stay during the summer in Greater Vancouver. This luxurious cabin was also featured once in Vogue in 2015. An island getaway is dressed up in Central Ontario for the actress and her family. It is a peaceful and quiet community located in central Ontario, where she built an extravagant house on a granite island along with her husband, Rande Gerber, seven years ago. The house is surrounded by wild blueberry bushes, having a blanket of soft moss. With such natural gifts around, Cindy decides to abandon wearing any makeup or making any plans for a month, just to be seated in bliss with nature for long uninterrupted hours. She loved her ”granny swim” shows, whom she considered her friends. This castle not only has a sublime beauty, but also has a very comforting atmosphere for its visitors. Cindy’s family often welcomes guests like Harry Styles, the former One Direction star.

Hollywood stars love owning real estate and building their dream homes in various Canadian provinces. Visitors find it worth spending some time roaming around the city to take a look at these luxurious vacation spots in which the celebrities have made their perfect dream abode.