Think about the kinds of colors you like to surround yourself with regularly. The colors you choose in your home convey a certain feeling that you enjoy, as do the colors in your wardrobe. 

Each of us is heavily influenced by color constantly. “What’s your favorite color?” is one of the first questions every kid learns to answer, even though it may change regularly. Our brains and bodies are hardwired to respond to certain colors in certain ways, and it’s just unavoidable. 

This is why choosing the right colors for your business is one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever have to make. For example, green will tell your customers you can be trusted and that they should step into action with your product or service right away. On the other hand, the sickly color of cream yellow on the walls will likely be distasteful to them. 

You know what message you want to immediately convey to potential customers. Your color palette needs to compliment that message, as it will likely be the first to “speak” to customers. 
It may be the walls of your brick and mortar store or office, or the colors on your logo or website. However potential customers find your business, your color choices will usually be the first thing to greet them. Make sure it’s the right kind of greeting and utilize the psychology of color in marketing today.

Learn about the psychology of color in marketing, what color does to the brain, and colors that maximize your marketing value